Coital Alignment Technique

As we talked about in the previous blog “What is An Orgasm?” 70% of women find it difficult or impossible to orgasmm through penetration alone and so they concentrate on clitoral stimulation. Though this is fun and highly effective some women find that they are missing out on the intimacy of climaxing while being connected to their partner.

It was this very reason that prompted Edward Eichel, a psychotherapist, to create the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T) in the 1980s. A very clinical term for a wonderfully sexual and intimate position. 

This position focuses mostly on clitoral stimulation with some penetration. Instead of thrusting in and out the aim is to rub up and down creating friction and pressure around the vulva and clitoris. This is also a great position for men dealing with premature ejaculation as the penetration is not deep.

It is very similar to the missionary position with the receiving partner lying on their back and the penetrating partner (or toy) angled high above them. “Riding high” where the penetrating partner has placed themselves higher than they would with the missionary position. Normally face to face, with this position the person on top places themselves so that their chest is more in-line with the shoulders of the person beneath them.

Instead of the penis or toy entering horizontally for thrusting, it is more of a vertical angle with only the tip entering the receiving partner and giving the shaft the ability to rest against the clitoris and vulva.

Motion is the key to everything with CAT. Since the top partner is not thrusting they are instead moving vertically up and down, aiming the tip of the penis or toy toward the back wall of the vagina which allows the shaft to rub against the clitoris. The receiving partner can move their hips rocking back and forth creating more friction and intimacy. To up the ante on the feelings of intimacy, the bottom can use their legs, to wrap around the hips of their partner, drawing them in close and holding them there.  

Placing a pillow underneath the hips of the bottom partner to elevate them slightly can help with the angle and how close each partner can be to each other.

This is a slow and intimate position that does not lend itself to fast aggressive movements, those positions can always be for later!! 

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