Christmas Special Offers!

PlayBlue online sex shop christmas salesOur Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have proven incredibly popular. These ideas really seem to have taken off this year and I know myself I did a large percentage of my shopping over the weekend. I don’t think I ever heard as much about Black Friday in the news or on the high street as I did this year and it really is a great way to kick off the festive shopping period.

At PlayBlue we were so pleased with the response we had a little look around the sex shop warehouse to see what we could do. We had loads of sex toy ideas from the wacky to the impossible but just decided to settle on more of the same.

So we are delighted to launch our Christmas Specials category. Everything we can get our hands on that we’ve managed to haggle a discount from our suppliers from, we’re throwing into this Christmas Sales Category and offering them to you with discounts of at least 25% and sometimes much more. We will be adding products into this category right up until Christmas day so make sure to keep checking back regularly.

Of course all the usual applies shipping etc and of course you still qualify for a free gift just for ordering with us. Hurry though because as we run out of stock on a product it will be removed from the specials.

We really are all about giveaways this Christmas what with our special discounts and free gift for every order. Not forgetting our free discreet next day courier shipping we must be the best online sex shop in Ireland. We would love the chance to prove to you this Christmas that PlayBlue is Ireland’s favourite Christmas Sex Shop.

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