Designer Jeans or Sex ToysLike every single purchase you will make buying a sex toy has the same basic choices. It’s a balancing act where you weigh up the quality and aesthetic beauty of a product with the practical function and the price. You can buy jeans in Tesco for €7 or you can pay €1000's for a designer pair. Well with sex toys it’s the same.


Well not exactly we don’t sell sex toys for thousands but there is a premium top end Lelo Iris which is a high quality designer sex toy. You can buy a mini rabbit for a fiver, both will provide very similar functions but please don’t expect the fiver rabbit to last the distance, they are almost disposable sex toys but sure for a fiver it will still give you hours of pleasure, not bad heh?

The real question is are these new ‘designer sex toys worth the extra moolah? Well the answer is yes and no. If you are the type of person who buys nine different fragrances or spends €200 getting their hair done or knows how much a bang on trend coat would cost well the answer is yes. You will only be happy with the Lelo or Vibe Therapy and will probably end up with a few of them. But if you are the type of person who keeps an old pair of shoes for doing the garden or buys Christmas presents in January for next Christmas or knows the price of a weekly, monthly and daily tickets on the bus then I’d say the lower priced sex toys are for you.


For the rest of us (which is probably the bulk of society) stop worrying, read the description decide what you want try a cheap one first if you like it ‘upgrade’ life is too short to stress yourself over silly things like that. Just keep on PlayBlue’ing.