Change Everything with Bodystockings

Introducing something to the bedroom is not easy and brings its own tension, but it should always be in our own interests to bring a little sexy joy and newness to our love lives so let me help you with a safe easy win. If you pull out a dildo it might go great but it also might not go down well and could sour the mood if it was a total surprise. Also if you plan and discuss about introducing something a little extra to the bedroom play too much it can all begin to lose its spontaneity and surprise.


Let me offer a good compromise which is the humble bodystocking. Bodystockings are almost universally accepted as super sexy, so there is next to no chance your partner is going to feel threatened or replaced by a slinky bodystocking. Unlike some lingerie styles, they can be worn under clothes for a sexy surprise and are comfortable to wear too. Bodystockings are also cheap starting as low as €10 so if in the throes of passion they get a little ripped it’s not the end of the world.

Nearly every bodystocking we sell is crotchless so lets just say they will not get in the way once it really heats up. We also sell a stupidly huge selection of styles. By far the most popular colour is black so of course our bodystocking range is weighted to this colour. Our most popular brands are Cottelli a great German brand, Passion a Polish brand which we have partnered with for years and are still a firm favourite and Penthouse a brand that just offers every variation.

One advantage too about bodystockings is they are hugely inclusive to all body sizes and shapes. Bodystockings as the name implies are designed to hug the body and are made from a stretchy material. You could be a size 8 and we have bodystockings that will look amazing. At the same time we have bodystockings that will look incredible if you are a size 26. Just honestly everyone looks great in a bodystocking.

Personally I must admit I’m a huge fan of bodystockings and just love the look the feel and the confidence a bodystocking gives. So if you are browsing PlayBlue looking for a little inspiration to introduce a little bit of something extra to your lovelife might I offer you take a closer look at the bodystocking selection for a very easy almost guaranteed win. The only problem you might have is that will you ever be able to do without?

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