Brand Focus - Skins

Skins unusually for a sex toy brand has great Irish mainstream recognition due to its fabulous range of condoms which are probably after Durex the best known condom brand in Ireland. We sell a full range and we love them. In recent years they have spread their wings in a range of lubes and enhancers and now even a few really cool sex toys. 

Skins Brand

We can’t talk Skins with talking condoms. Skins is by far the best selling condom brand we sell. From Skins Natural to Dots & Ribs to Flavours they have a condom to suit your mood. Also because we deal directly with Skins we can guarantee the absolute best price for Skins Condoms too. If you can’t decide you can always just go with Skins Assorted giving you 4 x Natural, 4 x Dots & Ribs and 4 x Ultra Thin. When buying condoms price is important and we have you covered there. But more important is a brand you can trust. A product failure when it comes to condoms can be a life changing situation. So my advice is to stick with a brand that has experience and knowledge you can rely on and that is why we sell and love Skins condoms.

Skins launched their lubes range into Ireland about 2 years ago and we were straight in because we knew the commitment to quality was there and the Irish had the brand awareness too to help them fly. We have been delighted with the response to them. All very reasonably priced with the quality you would expect from a leading brand like Skins.

One of my favourites is the Skins Excite Tingling Water Lube which is a quality water based lube with an added tingle to increase blood flow and sensation. Meaning stronger erections and heightened pleasure for both.

Our bestselling Delay serum is also a Skins products the Skins - Natural Delay Serum is just a marvel. A little pump of serum will maintain sexual vigour while giving a slight desensitising effect to the penis allowing for longer endurance and lovemaking. Great value too with 200+ applications per bottle this is a magic product that will allow you to relax and enjoy the pleasure. 

Skins toys are a relatively new creation only about 1 year on the market. They are all stylish smooth pleasure machines that are built on years of knowledge. The latest are the Skins Rose Buddies which are egg sized Rose Buds. They are rechargeable vibes with a unique tongue licking and flicking action. They are just amazing, look incredible and we are struggling to keep them in stock. With a little Skins lube and a Skins Rose Buddies you will discover how much pleasure your body can handle. 

Skins is a brand we love to sell as we know the products are great quality, they are all very reasonably price. The best selling Condoms the Assorted only €7.95 for a box of 12. The best selling lube the Excite Water-based 130ml - €14.95 and the incredible Rose Buddies only €39.95 each. We know every customer who purchases a Skins product will be satisfied and with Come again and again.

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