How to have Better Sex - Orgasm Gel

Just Play is a cool German brand that produces a range of simple gel and lubes that perform magic at a reasonable price. There has been an explosion (pardon the pun) in orgasm gels and sex creams. These are designed to add little extra to sex play. The Just Play version called Just Play Orgasm Gel is our best seller. We could have done a Brand post about Just Play but really Just Play for us anyway is Orgasm Gel so let's focus there. You want Better Sex then you are at the right place.

The Orgasm Gel tube is a simple clear design with a clip top and no room for ambiguity in what it does with it's big colourful design. You take a drop or two and massage it gently into the clitoral area. The area will heat up a little and become tingly and super sensitive. Now any sex play will become enhanced and achieving orgasm through penetrative sex much more likely. The tingly sensation will also transfer to the penis enhancing the whole experience. 

Of course it can also be used for solo play to make it one incredible mind blowing session. See how long you can last or hold on or will you give in to orgasm after orgasm.

We’ll be honest this is not anything unique, we sell Orgie Orgasm Drops and Oh Holy Mary Pleasure Oil to name two others which offer much the same experience but at only €9.95 the Just Play Orgasm Gel is by far the cheapest and being Developed in Germany it just works with no messing.

Just Play also make a range of featured sex lubes with heating, cooling and flavoured lubes that are incredible and really cheap. They are top quality and really work well. For us though Just Play really has been almost exclusively about the Orgasm Gel and it is by far the category best seller for us. 

The beauty of it is that it just makes everything better. It is like adding a little turbo boost to your sex drive and we love when beginners buy it as we are guaranteed life long addicts - it’s almost cruel. Just Play is 100% vegan and totally dermatologically tested and certified in Germany so you can be confident and well Just Play. This is not a lubricant it will work a little like a lubricant and has much of the same properties but you are only going to use a small bit at a time and using loads might become overwhelming. We would advise you use this and a good sex lubricant for the best results.

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