Brand Focus - Fun Factory

We have loved Fun Factory as a brand since we opened. It has been an on off love affair as they have come in and out of designs but it is a brand we have always trusted. German engineering and innovation Fun Factory are one of the original inventors to drag the sex toy industry away from its plastic-y past.

Fun Factory is synonymous with fun and design. The first to make a colourful silicone toy, the first to make a rechargeable toy and the first to win a mainstream design award for sex toys. Fun Factory creates cool fun sex toys with a name for quality and colour.

Fun Factory

Everything we sell from Fun Factory is colourful and silicone. The quality is always top of the range and really hits the right note with our customers in terms of fun and style. Fun Factory aren’t cheap but I think that is the whole point. When Fun Factory launched they wanted to create something stylish and cool to use and not cheap and nasty like everything else at the time. We all have a lot to thank them for as without them we could still all be stuck using cheap nineties vibes.

I’d say at PlayBlue and Ireland we are a little bit of a mystery to them as by far our biggest selling Fun Factory sex toy is the Couples NOS and I mean it is not even close. Almost half of our Fun Factory sales are NOS sales. 

I’m going to only discuss my two favourite Fun Factory toys because they really show what Fun Factory is all about. But you should check out our whole range including the Stronic, Bootie and G5 ranges.

Fun Factory NOS

This is a magic little device that you will not be able to do without. A couples vibe that is a cock ring but also a pleasure device with dual motors and is just an absolute pleasure to use. The clit stim arms move and vibrate to ensure they stay stimulating where needed. The build quality is also second to none. You need to check it out.

Fun Factory Manta

This is another unusual but amazing device. A couples vibrator that can also turn any penis into a vibrator. With stimulating wings anyone will get pleasure from this sex toy making it the perfect couples toy. Great to use during sex too but also a wonder in solo play. 

We never get Fun Factory returns and they never break. This speaks to the love our customers have for them and the quality and care put into their design and manufacturer. 

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