Black Friday Week

Where the hell did 2022 go? Just like that we are rushing face first towards another Black Friday. Well PlayBlue as usual has tons of fantastic Black Friday offers that will make for a sexy reason to stay wrapped up in doors. I will be honest here and say Black Friday for us is a struggle. You see we pare our pare our prices to the bone all year long so finding more discounts is always much more difficult. With our Price Guarantee we have the cheapest prices all year round anyway.

Well rest assured we have managed to squeeze that little extra. You can visit our Black Friday section which has every discounted product on our website. I’ll again be brutally honest here and say some of these discounts will run until Christmas e.g. We have hundreds of Naghi and Vibe Coutures which are fantastic prices for magic products. But most will not run past the end of November. So have a look if you fancy it, grab it because for most of these little beauties when they are gone they are gone. 

Black Friday 22

We of course are still selling the last of the Luxury Advent Calendars too but will stop at the end of November. We will not be discounting these and if (that is a big if) we have any left over we will hold them in storage. So if you are one of those sneaky types who buy Christmas decorations on Christmas eve to get the best price, that is not a good idea when it comes to our Advent Calendars they will probably be gone but if not maybe I'll buy one, I'm dieing to know what is inside those little doors.

Finally a small word of caution we are stocked to the gills as we know that transport is chaos over Christmas but if you are humming and hawing over a special little sexy Christmas treat don’t do it too long. This year is going to be the year of the big brands and everyone knows it. We have loads of supplier orders in but in December getting new stock is going to be a struggle for some of these. Quality sex toys kits and the big branded sex toys like Lovense and The Handy and Doxy and Womanizer will sell fast and there is never a restock guarantee at Christmas, so unlike any advice you will ever get in any other store it is better to come early and come often with PlayBlue lol.

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