Black Friday

Black Friday is back an American import that is just another excuse to shop, thanks be to God. Or as we Irish seem to think of it now the starting gun for the Christmas rush. Maybe it’s just me getting older but it seems like no time since last Christmas yet here we are on the starting blocks again. Well let the madness begin.

First off a PlayBlue Black Friday is a little different. We like to be honest with our customers and we also like to do something that is actually real and offers some value but will also not shut us down. You will browse the high street and online and see incredible Black Friday offers. Let’s be honest we all know most of them are nonsense. We don’t do a site wide 30% off or anything like that, our prices are already too low for that kind of messing. Any store that can do a 30% off everything sale is one of three things. 1 - has been screwing you on prices all year 2 - Is lying and has no sale on or 3 - Being liquidated because it’s bankrupt.

Black Friday 

PlayBlue Black Friday is all about our favourites. We do a massive one off DeadlyDeal sale of a few of our favourites that goes on for the Black Friday week. If you are on our newsletter you will understand what I’m talking about. We sell PlayBlue favourites at stupid low prices about once a week to our newsletter subscribers. PlayBlue DeadlyDeals usually last only 24 hours and we have limited stock so it generally is first come first serve. If you are not getting this newsletter you need to get on board.

During Black Friday week we will run about 20 of them together for a few days. This is limited to the stock we have and is real no messing we will not be running it again. Stay tuned though as I might add a few DeadlyDeal through Black Friday week to keep it going.

I don’t know how popular it will be. All our best deals could be gone the first day so if you are interested check them out now. We plan for these DeadlyDeal all year around and organise with suppliers to get a few boxes of new and favourite toys cheap to generate interest. This is the only reason we are able to offer the discount we can on these products. For us it is about generating interest and getting you hooked on the latest new sex toys it’s a little underhanded I know but you’ll agree it’s a win win yeah?

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