Best Price Guarantee Explained

The PlayBlue price guarantee is that if you see a product for sale in Ireland at a cheaper price than us, we will refund the difference guaranteed. All you need to do is send us the link to the cheaper product. We have had to refund a few quid about 3-4 times in the last 10 years so best of luck finding one.

The PlayBlue price guarantee is more than just a throwaway marketing hook. Our price guarantee informs everything we do and sell. We will only sell sex toys that we can be the cheapest selling. This mantra has a load of knock-on effects. We argue like hell with distributors over price, we slash every cost we can and we are forced to scale up to employ economies of scale. All to get the products at a price to you that is the cheapest and we still make a bit of profit.

Price Guarantee

The PlayBlue price guarantee keeps us on our toes. You will hear from all eCommerce sites (including ours) that it is all about customer service and returns and great design and shipping etc but I’ll be honest they are all great and important but selling online is about good pictures and price. If the pictures make the product look bad then no one buys. If the price is too high then no one buys end of story. Don’t get me wrong we are proud of our customer service which I think is a real selling point for PlayBlue. Our shipping and returns are brilliant, best in the industry. But it really is all about our selection and our lowest prices that makes the sales. 

I know we have a few advantages over all the other Irish stores as being the biggest we have more bargaining power with the distributors. We have been dealing with them for years. We know them personally and we trust them and they trust us. This allows us to negotiate the best prices and best availability of stock which in turn allows us to offer the lowest prices hence a PlayBlue Best Price Guarantee.

Our pricing strategy is really unique in that our in-store prices are the same. Anyone who has ever been to a different sex shop in Ireland will know prices in-store are nearly always much higher than online prices, sometimes by huge amounts. At PlayBlue because our origins are online we have always competed with online prices and we would never have separate prices for in-store items.

Click for full details on how the PlayBlue Price Guarantee works.

So to all you price hunters out there stop searching you have found the cheapest and best sex shop, We just happen to have the best customer service, returns and shipping too.

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