Arousal Drops & Gels - Do they work?

There has been an explosion in Clit Drops as most people call them. Effectively we are talking about drops or a gel you apply directly onto the clitoris which makes you much more sensitive and increases arousal. We have a large range of them now with some of the best selling like the Orgie Orgasm Drops or the Just Play Orgasm Arousal Gel selling by the box becoming some of our best overall selling products.

Orgie Brand

A few years back there weren’t many options and they were expensive but now you can get some Just Play Arousal Gel for less than a tenner. The best selling one, the Orgie Orgasm Drops are from a great Brazilian brand that has just found it’s one thing it is great at and is flogging it - creating many imitators.

The main question we always get asked though is Do they Work? And unfortunately there is no 100% answer here. We have customers who can not do without them and seem to go through bottles. They are either getting an incredible amount of orgasms or don’t know what it’s for. Then we’ve had customers who just couldn’t hack it. It was too intense to touch after applying it. 

Pro Tip - They work on men too. A drop or two on the glans of the penis and watch him squirm. 

Our advice is you’ll never know unless you try but go slow. These products are meant to be used a small bit at a time, especially the drops. We are talking a few drops so take it easy. If you feel you can handle a little more then apply a little more - too much is a problem.

If you are in-store in PlayBlue we usually have a tester (don’t worry) you just put a drop on the tip of your nose or even on your tongue and you will feel an approximation of the feeling - Now imagine it down there.

To be honest all the best Orgasm Gels & Drops do the same job. The drops usually come with a dropper allowing for precise placement. The gels you should gently massage in a small bit to the clitoris (or Glans). It may take a couple of seconds for the sensations to start to build so be careful you don’t apply again straight away as you don’t feel it trust me you will wait a minute.

I’ll mention 4 great options.

First the big trusted brand that is also our best seller - Orgie Orgasm Drops. These are loved by a huge sway of our customers and whenever we struggle with stock we get a torrent of requests. Now some customers by 6 bottles at a time to ensure they never run out. All these products are not too expensive so maybe for a first time out this could be the one to try.

Then the newcomer the Just Play - Orgasm Arousal Gel. To be honest it is a copy of the Orgie market leader down to the same recipe I’d say. But we’re the winners, we get the same great sensations for a much lower price. Simple gel to use and comes in a generous 80ml bottle.

Oh - Holy Mary Cannabis Pleasure Oil - We have a great following for this too and it is really concentrated so a single drop might be enough. Maybe the Cannabis slant is a little PR nonsense for me but this product will leave you gasping. The dearest on the list so maybe not the first one to try.

Finally the Slow Sex - Clitoral Balm is another stylish brand with an arousal gel that again works well and is easy to use. Comes in super cool packaging and an easy to use applicator tube.

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