Are we getting Cheaper? Or is the world getting dearer?

Currency Sex Shop PricingI don’t think I’ve talked finance before on this blog and it probably isn’t what most of you come to an online sex shop to discuss. Well with the recent move in currency you’ll have noticed even shopping up north or online in UK or US , or booking holidays outside the Eurozone it really has gotten much dearer.

A Euro is now only worth 70p sterling. What this means for us is good and bad, first the bad as I like to always end on a good note, our suppliers and products are nearly all priced in sterling or dollars so the products are costing us progressively more which we are generally absorbing so don’t worry about it, we will always be very competitively priced.

Now the good news for us, our competition including UK online websites are seriously struggling to compete with our prices now because of our cheap Euro. Thanks to the currency movements we are now 10-20% cheaper than the big UK retailers on most sex toys.

So in a nutshell we make much less on each order but we’re getting much more orders so for us it evens out.

I usually never do price comparison because what our competitors price their products at is their business we price our products at the lowest price we can to make a little and sustain the business which I’m sure you’ll agree is fine.

Well I wanted to see the prices in this new era or currency rates and decided to check some of the big branded products like Fleshlight and We-Vibe’s as well as some of the more generic dildos and vibrators with the big UK online stores and we really have them beat hands down at the moment. And when you roll in the free next day delivery we really are the only choice!

In recent weeks a flood of Northern Ireland orders has arrive at PlayBlue and much more from the UK as our price advantage is making us more attractive.

Northern Ireland customers especially with our free next day shipping are beginning to see us and it seems they are beginning to discover what we in in the Republic have known for a while now. PlayBlue really is the best online sex shop in Ireland for prices, delivery and customer service.

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