Antique Sex Toys

Antique Sex Toys You think this Sex Toy game is something of a modern phenomenon? well all I can say is we as an industry have previous. Look at this 200 year old sex toys article I just came across, ok the price is a bit steep at £3,600 which is a little be more then we charge at PlayBlue for our sex toys but they do come in an antique leather lined box.


It really just goes to show that human nature is human nature and no matter where you travel including back in time you will find people ready and willing to have a good time. I have to admit I’m a little surprised by the sizes though 11 inches is a fairly sized dildo and I really didn’t think the market was there for second-hand sex toys maybe it’s something we’ll have to get into at PlayBlue. They really built them well back then I’m not sure if a modern sex toy would last 200 years.


If there are any budding historians out there you know what you need to put in your next time capsule just make sure it is one of the Luxury Sex Toys because you don’t want to look cheap to your ancestors ;-)

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