Our Top 5 Anal Play Essentials

Once upon a time, going anywhere near the butt during heterosexual relations was considered completely wrong . Maybe it was a religion thing, maybe it was because of the normal function of the butt or maybe it had something to do with rampant societal homophobia - but buttstuff was considered risky, taboo and completely filthy. In the long run however, this dangerous reputation has only served to make anal play something that most people want to tick of their bucket list in one way or another.

To be honest, nowadays online discussion of anal play has almost gone too far in the other direction. Everyone is eating ass, and if you’re not, why not?! Sigh. Don’t get me wrong - if tossing salad is your passion, chow down. But at the end of the day, ass play is just a sex act - why not treat it as such? Let’s remove the taboo and the hype and say; it’s worth trying and you may like it, but if you don’t that’s fine too.

Anywho, now that that rant is over…why not have a look at our top 5 essential toys for anal below and decide how enjoyable it is for yourself?

1. Classic Butt Plug

A classic butt plug is a need for anyone at any stage of a journey with anal, and I’ll stand by that statement until I can no longer stand. A butt plug is a cool toy because it either be used as the centre of a sexual experience or more of a side dish. For example, a butt plug can be added to missionary sex to make it slightly spicier or even just walking around with it in is enjoyable AF. You can also get various sizes and work up to something bigger. Butt plugs: the training wheels of the anal world.
2. A Vibrating Toy
Once you’ve mastered the butt plug, you’re going to want to spice things up a little. Anything with vibration is going to add to what already is a pretty intense sensation. You think you’ve opened a new door with anal? Wait until you try something with a bit of buzz. Plugs, dildos or vibrating beads - it’s a whole new world.
3. Something a Little Different
Anal is just as versatile as any other sexual act…and the addition of a different kind of anal toy can really prove this theory. If you feel like adding a roleplay or power dynamic to your anal, why not go for something with a tail on the end? Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a pretty fun experiment none the less.
4. A Prostate Massager
Obviously this toy is only suitable for some of the audience but I think it warranted an inclusion into the list if it’ll help even one straight man fall in love with prostate stimulation. In case you haven’t heard - the prostate is the male GSpot. You’re welcome.
5. Lube
Listen, when you’re sticking anything anywhere (especially somewhere that doesn’t lubricate itself) lube is a necessity. Anal without lube is like the difference between eating bread and butter or just dry, crusty bread by itself. And yeah, bread is delicious - but you know what’s not delicious? Anal fissures. Just buy some lube.
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