An Intelligent Cheapskate

I am often a cheapskate, but I believe I’m an intelligent cheapskate. Lunch, Holidays, Nights Out they cost don’t skrimp on them as you lose the whole point of the experience. Why spend three grand to go on holiday to Italy then refuse to eat the local food or wine because you are trying to save a few quid…what’s the point? I'm having lunch out with my wife and we have a starter because we want to enjoy the experience expense be damned.

But there are some things I just will not spend big on. For instance I’m a computer programmer you would imagine I need the biggest, fastest, most expensive PC in the store. Ahh No, I get a cheap €400 PC that works perfectly well and does virtually everything the €3000 Windows Surface does, it might not look as nice doing it and the surface might last 4 years instead of the 3 years I get out of my cheap Lenovo but I can buy 8 Lenovos for the price of the fancy Windows Surface, the cost difference makes no sense to me. 

Value for Money

I’m a typical middle aged Irish man, safe to say fashion is not my passion. I am at the stage I buy for comfort and will never spend €800 on a pair of runners. Some will say I just don’t get it and I agree I don't get it. My €50 decathlon runners work just fine for me. Now what will I spend the spare €750 on?

You get my drift I spend on stuff that makes sense to me. Now let’s talk sex toys. Sometimes we have customers who buy €10 mini-vibes and scream and shout when it packs in after 8 months or buy a €30 masturbator and complain that it doesn’t feel like the real thing. Well let’s be honest a €10 vibe is never going to last a lifetime and the chances of getting a lifelike experience out of a €30 masturbator is just not realistic no matter what the marketing on the packaging says.

Your sexual pleasure surely falls into the category of don’t skimp to ensure you get the experience you are expecting. There are a few areas I would always recommend spending that little bit extra and this is just one of them.

First tip - Just spend that extra little bit and get a quality lubricant. Once you start using a quality lube like Swiss Navy or Pjur or ID or System Jo or Skins you will never go back I guarantee it. The difference is definitely worth the couple of euro more. Quality lube makes every sexual solo or with a partner so much better. If you get nothing else from this blogpost let it be - try quality lube.

Branded Toys - A good vibrator well cared for will last years. At home we have a Doxy that is years old and still flying. A cheap non-branded vibe will realistically hardly ever last the year and that is being honest. Not only that but the experience of using the likes of a Doxy compared to a €30 Wand is never going to compare. So the branded toys will last years longer and deliver a much better experience, for me it’s a no-brainer.

If you are not going to spend your money on you and your partner's pleasure, what are you going to spend it on? A nicer coffin when you die? Come on. 

P.S. Trust on the quality lube though it is literally a game changer.

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