All New - Satisfyer Pro2 Generation 3

Satisfyer is now one of the most well established and trusted brands in Europe. The brand was built on two icons sex toys. The old Satisfyer Partner which spawned a plethora of copies, our favourite is the Double Joy and the Satisfyer Pro2 suction stimulator. 

The Satisfyer Pro2 is the best selling suction stimulator in the world and has been an incredible success. But it has been around awhile now and we have been promised and promised a new upgraded version and at last it has landed the incredible Satisfyer Pro2 Generation 3

It is more than we could have hoped for. First off it looks magic totally covered in soft feel silicone making it a pleasure to hold and use. It is a very similar shape and size to the Pro2 Gen2 and the packaging is as gorgeous as ever with Satisfyer products. 

It is totally waterproof (IPX7) so use it in the bath or shower while also making it a snap to clean with warm water and soap. The big changes are first it has two motors making it stronger yet quieter while offering intense vibrations as well as suction. Then the new Liquid Air Technology using a special cap offers a unique surging pulsing water like sensation that will flood your body with waves of pleasure. To activate the liquid air you just change the cap to the included Liquid Air cap. There is a slow subtle build to this pulsating that develops into a natural feeling orgasm that is impossible to achieve with a classic vibrator. Not for you? Cool just switch back to the open cap for the Air Pulse stimulation.

Satisfyer Pro2 Generation 3

The Pro2 Gen 3 offers a totally unique experience that has never existed before and we are sure it will soon become the standard Suction Simulator on the market. Oh and I almost forgot to mention you can purchase the Pro2 Gen3 in two models with or without the Satisfyer Connect App. The connect app offers total customisations and pattern creating, song sync or remote partner control.

PlayBlue as a Satisfyer Partner, are the first store in Ireland to have the Satisfyer Pro2 Generation 3 in stock ready to go and the initial feedback is off the charts. If you are interested I wouldn’t wait as they are flying and restocking from Satisfyer is slow as I think the demand has taken them a little by surprise too.

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