Adrien Lastic - Double Inspiration - Just Wow!!!

This post will be a little unusual as I rarely write reviews about a single sex toy and I don’t think I’ve ever been compelled to write a post like I have this one.

I review and video hundreds of sex toys and to be honest I’m very rarely blown away anymore. Then I opened the Adrien Lastic - Double Inspiration to video. My God this is one sorry two amazing sex toys. You can view I shot is on the product page.

From first impressions are the packaging and box are beautiful. Then the little extras. Like the included storage bag which I always love to see and even a little cleaner brush (a first for me) is included. 

Adrien Lastic Double Inspiration

This is a unique product. Really it is two sex toys that can both be used solo and both are top of the range in their class. The love egg is silky smooth silicone, amazingly powerful possibly too powerful and a pleasure to use. Loads of speeds, rechargeable and even app controllable for distance play. This is a sex toy that offers loads of play options for him and her and loads of naughty public play is possible too.

The Clitoral suction toy is also smooth silicone and really powerful with loads of options. Then amazingly it can also be used as a remote control for the egg. This makes using both toys together a snap and just offers an incredible experience and variety of stimulation sensations.

Each of these sex toys could be sold at the €79.95 price and to be honest would have been good value. To sell both as a kit at this price is just stunning. When I played with this I was simply stopped cold and upped the amount we hold in stock as I honestly believe this will become a bestseller for us. The quality is magic, the functions and variety is unmatched and the price is a little unbelievable. 

This for me is brilliant as a couples toy or a solo kit and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. If you see this in stock just buy it as it won't last.

Sorry for this absolute gushing fanboy post, this is not an ad and Adrien Lastic is paying me nothing. It has just amazed me when I was given this toy to test and in my opinion really puts it up to the rest of the sex toy market to respond. To be able to produce a sex toy kit this good at this price has driven me to write this blog post and normal service can be expected next time.

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