10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

If you’ve been sexually active for a while, you’ll know that the occasional rut is inevitable. People get busy, hormones change, tiny humans need to be taken care of etcetera, etcetera. The reasons don’t matter all that much - especially when you’re deep in a drought that you can’t seem to shake, which unfortunately most of us are at some point or another.

There’s a perception that people get to a certain point in life and sex goes out the window. While it’s true that sex can certainly take a back seat at times (and there’s nothing wrong with that) that doesn’t have to be a death sentence to passion. Losing your sexual mojo is a normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever find it again - no matter what stage of life you’re in. Here are 10 suggestions to shake off a sexual funk.

1.Take a sexy dance class.

One easy way to feel sexier is to get in touch with your body through something like dance. Bonus points if you give something sexually charged like burlesque or pole dancing a go.

2.Go see a professional dancer.

Not a dancer? Why not go see a professional erotic dancer in action instead? Just don’t be a dick and don’t forget to tip.

3.Try a different type of porn.

Porn can be a really big contributor to sex ruts as it tends to be predictable, especially if you’re always watching the same genre. Why not branch out and try something completely different? Or a different type - try getting off to audio or pictures only.

4. Try going porn free.

When was the last time you got off to just the thoughts in your head? Why not try giving up porn altogether and just following the sensations of your body? It's more fun than it sounds - trust me. 

 5. Invest in some lingerie that makes you feel good.

Who doesn't feel sexier all wrapped up in lace...or pleather if that's your thing?

 6. Be naked.

On the flip-side, maybe it's a disconnect with your body that's causing your funk? Why not try walking around nude at home if you can? Getting used to how your body moves and feels can be the first step to getting comfortable with your body in bed again. 

 7. Try a sex toy in public.

Obviously we don't condone anything illegal, but have you ever thought about using a Butt plug and walking around an art gallery? It's not the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

 8. Give up control.

Listen, I know BDSM isn't for everyone but there's a lot to be said for allowing someone else to take over the responsibility of making you cum. Just don't forget to come up with a safe word!

 9. Mutual Masturbation.

Two words that have a big result. If you're sick to death of sex with a particular partner but still want to get off, why not try mutual masturbation? The no touching rule makes touching so much more appealing. It's hot af. 

 10. Kiss a stranger (or do more)

 No judgement and no pressure here, but maybe you need a new pair of hands to shake things up. If it's something you (and your partner) are open to why not try it? Even a kiss could make a huge difference when it comes to spicing things up. Like - why not?!

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