100 New PlayBlue Videos in 2023 Already

The one thing we do that gets mentioned more than anything else is our PlayBlue Videos. We are rapidly approaching 1,000 home-made true life product videos and that doesn't include any of the marvelous videos Viktoria has made.

Already in 2023 we have made and published over 100 new product videos giving our customers a no bullshit view of exactly what you will get if you purchase this product. 

We make our videos nearly always in a single shot and if a door slams or a phone rings etc we generally just leave it in, we want to keep the real look and feel to our videos. We want these videos to show the real video of the product, stripped of all marketing and hype and give you the unabridged details. Our videos generally are short at about 2-3 mins and always work in a top down approaching with only my hands visible (for the best trust me you don't want to be looking at my ugly mug!). We nearly always if appropriate do actual measurements and talk about the weight and feel and how to turn on and off the product too. This is so handy as it reduces our support calls as customers can and do just checkout the video to see how it works after purchase.

Generally I will have hardly seen the toy myself before shooting the video so my reactions are usually my honest first impressions meaning that sometimes like recently on a Double Inspiration product video I was shocked at the quality. Or sometimes I’m less than wowed.

If you watch our videos you will also notice that it is not all positive, if we see something that disappoints you will hear it. We then plop the video on the product pages as we want you to be satisfied with exactly what you get and know how to use it and precisely the dimensions and feel of the product. This will allow you to get the correct product and everyone wins. It is as much about showing the customer it is the wrong product as selling the right one.

PlayBlue Videos

We get around 50 thousand views of product videos a month and in store we use them all the time too to show customers the product working. Our support staff also use them all the time too to help customers with battery issues or starting sex toys. Our PlayBlue videos are a really valuable resource and are something we are really proud of.

By far the most popular videos are the masturbator videos. I would imagine the majority of men have no real experience of masturbators and the last few years the variety and quality has exploded so hopefully we can help educate the men of Ireland what is available to enjoy.

Our plan is to try to have a video on every single active product and we are concentrating on the newer and most popular products so stay tuned.

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