We've Got Skins!

We’re proud to now stock a great selection of skins condoms at a super low promotional price from €6.95 for a 10 pack.

Skins are one of the most trusted and innovative condom brands on the market using only the highest quality latex and with a selection of different condoms to suit any mood.

We have selected Natural, Dots & Ribs, Ultra Thin, Black Choc and Extra Large Skins to introduce this fantastic brand to our customers. We also are delighted to be able to offer these high quality condoms at the lowest price you can find.

Our packs have the absolute minimum packaging for convenient shipping and to enable us to offer these condoms at such low prices at around 69c per condom.

Supplied by the NHS in the UK Skins are a premium trusted condom that you can rely on.

Our introductory prices will not last forever and we now have the full selection in stock ready to ship so hurry and get yours today.




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