Ultimate Fantasy Dolls In Stock - But for How Long?

PlayBlue is probably the only place in Ireland you can actually purchase one of these dolls and have it next day. We have the Kitty Ultimate Fantasy Love Doll in stock and ready to go.

This is a true lifelike love doll, almost 40kg and standing 5 ‘ 6”. This life-size doll is made up of a stainless steel skeleton wrapped in fanta flesh for a fantasy living sex doll. Fully posable as well as capable of standing up Kitty Ultimate Fantasy offers you loads of play options. She also comes with a load of extras to help you enjoy and prolong the life of your love doll. 

This is not cheap without a doubt and not for everyone but if you are in the market for a lifelike love doll this is top of the range.

The question is how long will we have them in stock, I don’t see it lasting long and stock is very hard to come by. If you are interested I'd snap your up while it's in stock as it has taken us 3 months to get the stock we have, no guarantees to when it will be re-stocked.

You can buy your Kitty Ultimate Fantasy Sex Doll at PlayBlue.

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