Sex Toys getting Cheaper

 We have been playing hard ball with our suppliers and like most things in life persistence has paid off. We have managed to get some nice discounts which of course we are passing straight onto you.


I’ve said it before that our pricing policy is a little different to most retailers. We just ignore RRP’s and whatever prices our competitors set and then set our own based on the cost for us plus a bit of profit. It really is that simple and for you it means the lowest prices from a sex shop online, because anyone who is doing it cheaper than us is doing something a little dodgy.


You might find some products we seem ridiculously cheap on but this is only because the others are gouging you with exorbitant mark-up’s we don’t play that game. If we make a reasonable profit we’re happy because, we’re still in business, you get the toys you want at the best prices and will come back and by selling more we can then get even bigger discounts.


We’ve reviewed the price on every single one of our products so it has taken awhile, and have reduced the price on most of them.


This is not an offer or a short term sale or any other trick this is just how we do business.


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