SagePay Payments - Live!

SagePay is probably one of the best known brands in internet payments and security and offers our customers a greater sense of comfort and security when shopping with PlayBlue.

We have integrated SagePay directly onto our pages to look like you never leave our website but in reality the SagePay page is hosted on Sage servers, so we do not have any access to any of your card details because we really don't need to know.

Even though the payment process actually occurs off our website we also still access this page over SSL to 300% guarantee security I know we are beginning to sound almost paranoid but when it comes to customer discretion we really want to do everything we possibly can.

SagePay also is much more mobile friendly and more straight forward to use so you should notice a much better checkout experience too.

If you notice any issue of have any concern regarding our payment process please call us and we'll sort it out.

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