PlayBlue the Social Animal

 We’ve gone over all social in PlayBlue and wanted to tell the world. After much delay and putting it off and dropping down the priority lists, we’ve finally taken the plunge and jumped into Facebook and Google+ (well mostly Facebook at the moment but hey it’s a start)


We setup our Facebook page and have been updating it for the last couple of weeks with loads of news and interesting titbits. We’ve also hired someone part-time to help us through this new frontier for us but rest assured it’s all us, we don’t outsource PlayBlue and everything we say and do we stand over. Bear with us for a bit though while we get to grips with how we should manage all this but we’ll get there though we might make the odd error.


So please check us out and ‘Like’ us if you want to keep up-to date with the world of PlayBlue, we’d love to get the conversation going and want to hear what you have to say, so let us have it!


We’ve been doing Twitter for a while now of course we’d love you to follow us there too.

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