PlayBlue Merges Distribution to Tallaght

The pandemic has changed Ireland in many ways. A big one for us has been the huge shift to online purchasing. We have seen 5 years growth in a year and it has really forced us to focus on ensuring the online PlayBlue experience remains our prime focus. 

With this seismic move to online shopping we have noticed a leveling off in foot traffic to our shops especially our Kilkenny store. I was always of the opinion that PlayBlue is first and foremost an online retail destination. Our shops give us a customer connection and the chance to interact and support our customers which is so important. It is one of the main reasons we feel we can understand the Irish sex shop customer because we talk to them daily.

PlayBlue Kilkenny

In an effort to optimise our online service we have taken the difficult decision to move all the distribution under one roof in Tallaght. This will enable us to better support our customers and stock our website more efficiently. Having all distribution from one location menas our increased scale will allow us to generate savings which we can pass straight onto our customers.

This decision will unfortunately mean we will be closing our Kilkenny store. This has not been an easy decision to make for us as we started out in Kilkenny and have served Kilkenny customers for over a decade. But we believe that by moving all our distribution and customer support to Tallaght we can ensure we are supporting our online customers in the best way. 

Our plan is to close our Kilkenny store on the 10th of March, obviously we will continue to support all our Kilkenny customers from our website and with next day nationwide delivery that emergency dildo is still only a click away and if you just must visit us in-store we will still have stores in Tallaght and Cork.

Finally I want to thank all our loyal customers and of course our Kilkenny based staff for all the support over the years and it has been you that has enabled PlayBlue to grow into Ireland’s Biggest Adult Store.

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