PlayBlue becomes a Satisfyer Partner

PlayBlue has signed up with the global award winning sex toy brand Satisfyer to become a Satisfyer Partner for Ireland. What this means is we will be stocking the full range and will always have the best prices because we are sourcing directly with Satisfyer. We will also be first for new products and Satisfyer special offers. 

Satisfyer Sex Toys

Another big advantage is our quality as usual can be absolutely guaranteed as we deal direct with Satisfyer. Counterfeit and cheap copies are a real problem with luxury sex toys like Satisfyer so if you shop with a trusted partner you know you will only get the genuine article.

At PlayBlue we are really excited about all the great new Satisfyer products arriving. Our first release to the website includes loads of brand new products that we’ve never stocked before and really can’t wait to get our hands on.

The new next generation Satisfyer Pro2 + Vibration. So a new improved Satisfyer Pro2 with the added bonus of vibration which we are giving away for €59.95!!

The Wand-er Women is a new incredible luxury XXL rechargeable massage wand that will blow every other wand away for features, style and build quality. Amazingly we will be selling it for €49.95 which for this piece of kit is crazy.

Satisfyer is not only for women with the new Satisfyer Heat Vibration this is literally the ultimate male multi-masturbator. Designed to massage the penis with vibration and heat to its explosive climax - this is amazing. The price must be wrong but we will be selling it for €49.95??!!

Then we will be stocking the new Double Joy, the first of our new Satisfyer Connect vibrators which offers endless play opportunities. This is the ultimate couples sex toy and has everything and more you’d expect from a top of the range couple sex toy and again incredibly we’ll be selling it for €39.95 an absolute no brainer.

Plus loads more….

The Satisfyer Brand is a German Brand synonymous with contactless clitoris stimulation thanks to patent pressure wave technology that literally launched a whole new segment of sex toys. Since this explosive launch Satisfyer and accelerated with new ideas and product launches to now have a diverse product range with over 25,000,000 sold and counting. Satisfyer now stands as one of the world’s leading sexual wellness brands. 

Satisfyer built its reputation for quality and innovation using medical grade silicone, IPX7 Waterproofing, Patented Technologies and an industry leading 15 year guarantee which shows the pride and workmanship that goes into every Satisfyer product. In the last 3 years alone Satisfyer has won more than 140 international design awards with many more to come I’m sure.

Experience the Satisfyer Revolution and you’ll never go back!

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