Parcel Motel Closing Down

Parcel Motel is closing down in Ireland and as of today we will stop delivering to Parcel Motel addresses. If you place an order with a Parcel Motel address we will contact you for an alternate address. Please ensure that you use a correct address in placing orders as we of course understandably can only deliver to the address we are given.

Any queries or questions on this you will need to contact Parcel Motel but I’d be quick as they will be gone very soon.

Short and sweet update. There are not many alternatives but we like the look of OohPod which works in the exact same way as Parcel Motel. You need to create an account with them and then just get the deliveries made to the nearest OohPod using your Ooh Number. They have an expanding network with Dublin and the North well covered.

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