Online Chat is Back!

Back in 2012 we introduced an online chat facility and crowed about it in blog posts etc. It lasted about 2 months before we parked it with our tails between our legs. For two reasons really the first being we rushed it live and then struggled in managing our support staff to man the chat lines and ended up missing many chats. Secondly it was a novelty and most of the chats we had were in the first week then after that we had very little response.

We've always been interested in chat and feel it was a great way to help our customers right at the point they really need it. But we have doubts whether online chat support is going to work on a sex shop in Ireland.

Well we've decided to give it another go. The technology has improved, In Ireland sex toys are more mainstream then ever and much less taboo and of course most online shoppers have used these chat support lines so know how they work and are probably much more comfortable using them.

We of course reserve the right to drop it again if it is not working but we're much more prepared for it this time and hope it will give you the easiest possible way to ask us any questions you might have.

The chat technology we've used is Zopim mainly because it is by far the best on mobile that we could find. It is also super easy to use and just works.

We will man the chat lines as often as we can but do not guarantee a certain schedule, basically when we are online the little green button will say We're Online - Need Help. If we're offline it will read Leave a message which we will respond to when we're back online. That's it not too difficult really. 

Oh finally if you are using mobile the chat will open in a new tab so to return to PlayBlue after the chat just close the chat tab.

If you have anything to ask just click on the green button in the bottom righthand corner and give it a go.


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