New PlayBlue Website

PlayBlue has a new set of threads and wants to show it off. We had a bit of a brain storm about what we could do to make our new website go a bomb and decided to go over all Gay Byrne and give free gifts to everyone in the audience. This is not just a once off and we plan to continue until we either come to our senses or have nothing left ;-)

Starting today every order over €30 qualifies for a choice of free gift. To claim your free gift go to the shopping cart and you will see a list of the free gifts you qualify for. Just choose the one you want and it will be added to your basket, easy peezy. You can read all the details on the new Free Gifts offer here.

We have added loads of new content and totally redesigned the product and category pages to hopefully make it easier to find exactly what your looking for. The checkout process has also be redone to include a choice of shipping options and payment options so you can be sure your shipping preferences will be followed.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new website and features and apologies if you notice any issues we've just finished the snag list so there might be the odd bug here or there, if you see one please report it to us,



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