New Live Support for Our Customers

We believe we are the only sex shop online with live online support staff ready to tell you where the best sex toys are in Ireland can be found at the lowest prices. We have started a trial run of to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for and to re-create the experience of walking into a real sex shop.

On each page you will see two green buttons that will allow you to launch a popup window with a real live person on instant messager ready to help. If you linger on a page we will also popup and offer our assistence. If you are happy working away on your own just close the popup window and you're good.

Try it out today we'd love to hear from you. Learn more from our Blog Post

Update: We tried SnapEngage for 2 weeks and we thought it was great and loads of our customers did too but the overwhelming feedback we got back was that it was not a good fit for an online sex shop it felt a little big brother-ish so we listen and dropped it

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