Laser or Visa Debit or PayPal...?

We have tried to answer all the payment questions in this blog post which outlines how all the payment options we have operate.


If our customers are finding it difficult that is something we want to fix and quick. So if you have any questions on our payment options or anything else for that matter please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to resolve it.


It boils down to PayPal will accept all credit cards and the Visa Debit but not the Laser card. And you don't have to register to pay through PayPal but it does make it a little easier.


We accept all major credit cards, Visa Debit and Laser cards directly on the website too but please check the expiry is correct when entering the payment card as this often cause issues. And finally we accept cheques and money orders in the post too. Happy shopping!

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