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Trust me...says every online retailer good and bad on the internet. This is the problem with scammers and rogue websites on the internet as they drag the rest of us down and understandably make customers wary.

The only way for reputable online sex shops to stand out is to give excellent consistent customer service, which is great as once you try us you will discover the PlayBlue experience. But what about first time customers?

Well we have partnered up with the biggest Independent Business Reviews website in the world TrustPilot, to give our customers a totally independent platform to say what they really think of PlayBlue. We’re so confident in the truth of our honest approach to dealing with our customers that we have given TrustPilot 100% control of this reviews process. We have no control of the reviews, we can’t edit them or create dummy reviews or massage the results in any way. What you’ll see is 100% independent reviews.

We also plan to put a link to these independent reviews at the bottom of every page so everyone can see the results easily, checkout the bottom of this page and you should see them.

We have learnt a few things very quickly after connecting up with TrustPilot
  1. You will NEVER please everyone all the time and all we can do is be fair and consistent and honestly try to resolve customer issues. But even then you are going to get bad reviews.
  2. Having no control of customer reviews has put a mirror up to our customer service and actually improved our service.
  3. Our customer generally seem to like what we do and this has given us great encouragement to do even better.
  4. Sometimes the bad reviews are the really helpful ones as they show us possible holes in our service and also allow us an opportunity to rebuild a relationship with a customer who has been less than satisfied with our service.

If you click on a few of the reviews you will see many have a little tick box with verified order - these are customers who have placed an order with us and TrustPilot have asked them to review us.

We’re delighted with all the feedback and if you have had a good experience with PlayBlue we’d really appreciate a review, it’s totally anonymous and might really help others make an informed sex shop decision - Review Us on TrustPilot

If you have had a bad experience with PlayBlue or feel we could have done better please Contact Us and give us a chance to remedy it.

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