Free €5 with PlayBlue

We want to reward our loyal customers. So we've decided to trial a new idea at PlayBlue.

Free Money with PlayBlue

If you spend €50 or more, when we ship your order we will include a voucher code for a fiver off your next order over €50 valid for 2 weeks. This is the part where most offers come with a Term & Conditions bit, well at PlayBlue we only deal in common sense and fairness. Look this is free money we are literally giving away €5 to our customers to spend on their next order.

The free €5 will obviously only work once and is valid for 2 weeks and you have to spend €50 to use the voucher code. Simple and a nice little thank you to our loyal customers. This also doesn't effect any or the other little goodies we do at PlayBlue, You still get Free Shipping, You still get a Free Gift with your order, You still get any special offers. This is just us giving you €5 cash back on your next order.

Just so we are 100% clear, I know it seems a little suspicious and most of you out there are hunting for the gotcha, that is not how we roll at PlayBlue. There is no catch here you don't have to use the free €5 no problem, no harm.

Imagine this...

You are browsing on your phone while half watching Love Island and you come across (must stop using that phrase in a sex shop) PlayBlue, we look great, you browse a bit, check the reviews, Price check us and we really seem to checkout. So you take the plunge and buy that shiny Fleshlight you've had your eye on, €62.95 spent, no shipping fee, cool. It arrives the next day, feck that was quick. Rip open the package, it takes a while as it's double packed which only builds the excitement and you struggle to contain yourself. Later (like 5 mins if you brought an STU lol) you notice hey, what's this extra toy, I didn't order this, no wait PlayBlue just sent me a little extra free gift, how great is that? and you then notice the packing slip. Right in the middle you see the following printed.

Get €5 OFF your next order over €50. Valid Until 5 Jul 2019.
Use the Discount Code NOTREAL1 - (Only works once - So Don't Miss Out)

Cool, you absolutely loved that fleshlight but then in your rush you never bought Lube or Fleshlight Renewal Powder or maybe even a Shower Mount. So the following day, two more Fleshlight rendezvous's later, you head back to PlayBlue and rustle up all the little extras you really wanted but were too nervous to purchase first time out. You place your order and in the Checkout remember your code, bam PlayBlue just gave you €5 off! - Feck these PlayBlue dudes really look after you don't they. Might just drop them a cool TrustPilot review while you wait for your new PlayBlue delights to turn up, tomorrow.

That my friends is how it should and does work at PlayBlue. Any questions just contact us and as always we'd be delighted to help.

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