Eircode Welcome here!

Eircode is welcomed by PlayBlue because we believe once it settles down and people start using it they will help our couriers to deliver parcel quickers and more efficently.

We are ready and willing to accept eircodes in shipping and billing addresses but at the moment they are not required, they're optional so don'y worry if you don't have it yet.

An Eircode look similiar to UK postcodes. They are 7 character codes that you put at the end of your postal address. Most houses in the country got one yesterday for instance PlayBlue's eircode is R95 E684 so our address is now

PlayBlue Ltd, 1 Pudding Lane, Kilkenny, R95 E684

If you didn't get one yesterday you can always get the eircode for any address in the country by going to the Eircode website eircode finder. This allows you to get the eircode for any address in the country.

All eircodes are unique and every singe residence in the country has a unique code even individual apartments so the eircode for your address pinpoints you to delivery companies, emergency services etc.

I would advice everyone to at least try to remember their own eircode for the home address as in case of an emergency it will ensure you can tell the emergency services where exactly you are very easily.

I know some people have complained about the eircode system saying it's too complex or riddled with errors or too expensive but for us we're delighted it's turned up and believe it is long overdue. Surely even with it's faults it has to be much better then nothing? No?




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