Customer Questions

Customers ask all sorts of questions and we always try our best to answer them. We get questions about everything you can imagine about sex and some you don't even want to imagine. Some questions though keep popping up so we thought we could maybe do a little better.

We've created a page with some of our more recent questions and the answers and we'll be adding to it as we go.

We've also added a dedicated email address that you can use to send us any and we mean any questions to do with sex and sex toys, we promise to answer them directly to you as best we can and we may also publish the more helpful (and funny) ones to our customer questions list.

We hope this list will grow and will help people who might be too shy to ask a question with a query they might have.

So if you ever wondered what an Anal Douche was, or how penis pumps work or what a rabbit vibrator is and just wanted a straight answer now's your chance.

Checkout of list of customer question here

Send all questions to of course it almost goes without saying we would never publish any personal information and your discreation is 100% guaranteed.

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