Covid-19 Update - What to do at home for 2 Weeks?

At PlayBlue we are all about fun and having a satisfying sex life. But it is also important you play safe and mind yourself and those around you. I would say the first few days at home Netflix is going to get a hammering (if the broadband holds up) but then with weeks at home I can think of a few other options to have fun, can’t you?


We have checked with our couriers and they are all continuing to operate as normal, and so are we. All orders are still being packed and shipped and our three stores in Tallaght, Cork and Kilkenny are all still open for business as usual.

Any changes in the official advice we will of course follow but as of now and for the foreseeable future it is business as usual.

If you are uncomfortable heading into town shopping in this environment then is still the best & easiest option.

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