Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales!

The Back Friday / Cyber Monday sales are now over please try our Christmas Specials instead

Black Friday is the traditional start to the festive shopping period in the US a bit like our 8th of December Christmas shopping day but much bigger and all the stores fiercely compete with sales.

The internet has really run with Black Friday and then as if that wasn’t enough went and created Cyber Monday to make it a 4 day event now. All the big eCommerce sites run specials and deals and of course PlayBlue is delighted to be able to launch its Christmas Shopping experience using this pre-Christmas sale.

But of course being PlayBlue we wanted to do it a little better than the rest. You see we created all the imagery, the category, selected and haggled on products we could offer the deal on. Then set it all up, then what? You expect us to wait around until Friday, we’re too excited for that so go for it we launched it today!

We have created a special category for Black Friday/Cyber Monday where everything gets at least a 15% reduction for the period of the sale. We will be adding and removing products as we get them so keep a close eye for what’s new.

This sale will starts NOW and ends Monday the 1st of December and of course our stock is limited so grab your bargain when you see it.

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