Beginners Vibrators

We have had a beginners vibrators guide for a long time but recently a customer suggested we have a special category for beginners vibrators. It seems so obvious why didn’t I think of that?

Its not like I’ve been working in the best sex shop in Ireland or anything is it?

Anyway we now have a category under the vibrators for beginners vibrators. These will tend to be smaller, easier to use and more traditional than some of the other vibrators. They will also usually be less expensive as it is really best to not go for the most expensive until you know what kind of vibrator suits you.

As always our advice is go for the bit of an all-rounder as this will give you the options to explore and try out how vibrators work best for you. When you know you’ll be better able to buy a more specialised vibrator the next time.

Of course as a new category this will change alot in the first few weeks as it beds down but as usual expect the products to change so check back regularly.



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