An Post Shipping

Delivery is by far the biggest topic of reviews and questions we get and is a critical part of the PlayBlue experience. So it is not a flippant decision for us to move to An Post as our standard courier (outside of Dublin). 

We have been trialing their services for the last few weeks and some of you may have noticed deliveries from An Post but now we are happy that we have everything in place to move. To be honest we have been generally happy with our previous courier it is just that we felt An Post offered a few advantages to us and you. 

An Post Express

They have by far the biggest and longest established delivery network in the country. So during rush times like Christmas they should be more able to maintain their delivery schedules. They also have long established delivery practices in communities that are often not written down but just work especially in rural areas. 

Nearly every town in the country has an An Post depot so missed parcels can be easily collected locally making the whole delivery process much less stressful. An Post also offer a great customer experience with their online services allowing you to track and offer alternate delivery options. This again should iron out those little delivery bumps that happen from time to time.

PlayBlue are also excited to be able to offer access to the expanding An Post Parcel Lockers network for free. This operates similar to the old Parcel Motel service but is streamlined. To use just order as normal, then when your order is processed An Post will send you an SMS with the expected delivery schedule and also a link to choose alternate delivery options. This includes the option to choose to have your parcel delivered to an An Post Parcel Locker. This reroutes the delivery and once it arrives at your chosen locker you will receive another SMS with the Pin you need to collect your parcel. Then simply go to the Parcel Locker with your pin and collect it. Simple and totally FREE.

Since the demise of Parcel Motel we have been looking for a nationwide replacement and the An Post Parcel Lockers seems like a great option.

An Post in urban areas also delivers on Saturdays. This is not guaranteed but seems to be reliable enough that it offers another great bonus in using An Post. 

We hope all these little reliability improvements make our great delivery service even better.

I also of course want to assure all customers the parcels are totally 100% discreet. All are Double Packed with a weatherproof generic strong mailer on the outside. There is no indication on the parcel of contents or who is shipping your parcel. We ship from Tallaght within Ireland so there are no customs declarations on any deliveries in the North or South of Ireland. The delivery is 100% discreet and no one including the An Post Courier knows what is in the parcel or who sent it.

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