5 Simple Rules to Safe Shopping Online

First off I struggle to understand why retailers need to hold your payment information. What do they plan to do with it!

Shopping online should be as close to shopping local as possible you don’t expect your local Dunnes Stores to stored and keep all the credit card details when you swipe your card at checkout or the local Italian restaurant to keep a copy of your credit card after a meal so why do all these retailers hold onto your payment details after you’ve completed your transaction?

At PlayBlue we never store or record your payment details anywhere, honestly we don’t want the responsibility!

To stay safe online is easy really but you need to follow these five simple steps.

1)      Only shop at retailers that use an off-site payment processor like PayPal or Off-Site (hosted) Realex.

2)      Only shop with a retailer with an address preferably in Ireland that you can visit or call.

3)      Check your credit card statements to ensure only transactions you authorised are on it.

4)      Never give information to a website that you feel is not required.

5)      Shop with websites you trust

You can read our full blog post on the topic here.

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