3 for 2 - At PlayBlue

We are delighted to launch our 3 for 2 category of products. We have loads of products to choose from and it’s simple. Just add three products with the 3 for 2 label into your basket and we will automatically give you the cheapest free. No need for discount codes or anything. The products will show up at full price as you are adding them but once you meet the 3 qualifying products rule you should see the cheapest one is automatically discounted to nothing.

3 for 2 Special Offer

We have launched with an eclectic mix of products from Lube to Nipple Clamps to Masturbators and everything in between. We don’t plan on this 3 for 2 sex toys offer being a short run thing and it shoul;d be here for the foreseeable. 

If there is a particular product or product type you would like to see added to this offer please let us know and we’ll get on it. Make sure too, to keep checking it out as we plan to continue to add various sex toys to this special offer and look forward to seeing the selection grow.

This 3 for 2 offer is not going anywhere and we plan to run it and expand it for the foreseeable future. We think it gives our customers the perfect opportunity to try something a little new and different. It might also ensure that no one checks out with a toy without lube, come on lads once you go lube you will not believe you ever did without.

At the moment this is only only but our plan is to also offer this special offer in-store too in the next few weeks. We just need to jig a few things around in the shops and get our tills behaving properly, but stay tuned it is imminent.

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