The new era of male masturbators

I’m sure that most of you have already heard about Fleshlights (this is the name of the trailblazer band, but the word fleshlight is often used by customers as a category for a male masturbator). What a dildo is for a vagina, a Fleshlight kind of masturbator is for a penis. They come in different sizes, materials and shapes/textures.

But as companies and research is looking for more functions so that now you can buy vibrating, sucking, thrusting, pulsating… pleasure toys for vaginas male masturbators also expanded the ways to ecstasy for penises.

I’m very much intrigued, so I’ve looked deeper into the “dick-blowing” options that are more than “just” Fleshlights or vibrators.  Only a few of these toys are “vagina centric, but most of them are not, so you have plenty of options whatever you're looking for.

Do you want to look around too and see what is erotically possible for you?


You are in the right place. And of course new designs arise again and again so this is not the end of the inventions. :)

Suction is a super popular option and it doesn’t mean the same kind of sensation in all of these cases. Some toys have plenty of options and combinations for suction and the sensation moves in the toy, so check the videos when we have them to see the difference:



Dual motors provide you with even more stimulation:

Boost function:

Some people love to have the same intensity and stimulation the whole time. But lots of us are into variation or edging or having stimulation for an orgasm. This is what the Boost function is about. Giving you something more and new. So all you have to do is just push the button and enjoy.

Pump function is all about to create a perfect tightness for you. 

Stroking is when the sensation moves up and down. It is similar to thrusting.


Handsfree action:

This is all about everything done to you. The sensation luxuriously moves by itself on your command and all you have to do is just to enjoy yourself.

App controlled even from a distance. When a toy has app functionality that means you have way more options and functions than the button based ones.

  • Lovense Max 2 Masturbator
  • Lovense Calor - Warming App Controlled Pleasure: I have to add here that the deeper you penetrate this toy, the stronger the vibrations will be. At the same time it is a compact toy, so that you can easily bring it with you.

If you love ball stimulation, consider these toys. All are different so you don’t need to stop at one toy only. :)

Glans Stimulation is very similar to what clitoral vibrators are, having a focus for a smaller, very sensitive and very orgasmic area of the body:

You have more choices during penetrative sex than “just” wearing a vibrating cock ring. Some of the pleasure toys can stay and you can have the extra joy they provide.


These toys can be used during sex:

I hope this helps you to look around and explore what exactly is giving you the best experience or what you want to play more with. There are so many option waiting for you to try and enjoy.

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