Flying high is at the tip of your finger

Finger vibrators and bullets are way underrated. These little things can provide a tremendous amount of pleasure, sensation and of course orgasms.

Bullets can also be used paired with sleeves and some other yummy extra toys to create a powerful experience. Finger vibrators on the other hand are created for a specific task like having some texture, but most importantly they have a better grip, so that you can hold and navigate them easily. 

This is why the Satisfyer High Fly Incredible Finger Pleasure is coming to play here. It looks like a small airplane or space ship. :D So it is perfect for those who want to be more discreet about having a sex toy. This shape is not so obvious for a vibrator, and at the same time, it is perfect for sensation play.

I love the material of this vibrator. So smooth, soft and flexible on the sides, and the rounded edges are providing lots of variety to feel vibrations in a very enjoyable way.

I have already had a vibrator with similar folds and softness, that has petals, and it is a very nice feeling, but at the same time it is not my most orgasm generating vibrator. I love to feel it on my skin, playing with the vibrations. But the Satisfyer High Fly is a smaller toy, which is not a disadvantage at all. 


The shape is ideal for keeping it in the hand. The head is round and the 2 wings are very ergonomic. The centre part goes under the middle finger and the 2 fingers on the sides belong under the wings. If you have challenges moving your fingers or holding a smaller vibrator, then this is for you. It is very easy to hold and comfy as well. Of course there are other ways to hold it, if you have other inspirations.

You don’t have to turn the vibrations on in order to enjoy the smoothness. The wings and the roundness combined with the soft and flexible silicone feel yummy and delicious on the skin. This is something I personally enjoy about the High Fly a lot.

Let’s continue with the vibrations.

This device has one button, and 10 different intensities/programs. Easy to switch the toy on and change with the button. Hence there are no plus or minus options, you need to switch it on and off if you want to go back. It starts with the lowest setting. This setting is quite quiet, and as you go up with the intensity it is going to be louder. It seems to me that the change in intensity is more like a faster vibration. Regarding the power of the vibrations, I find this vibrator a 7 on a scale of 10 on the strongest settings. It is a very buzzing, higher kind of vibration rather than deep and strong.

The Satisfyer High Fly is perfect for teasing, foreplay and sensation play for me. My clit likes deeper vibrations, and when I go for massive orgasms I would rather choose my Spring Custom Bullet Vibrator. But this is “just” my personal preference, it doesn’t mean that it is the same for others. Different “bodies” prefer different sensations and intensities. 

The Satisfyer High Fly is waterproof and because of the shape and material I enjoy using it a lot while having a hot bath. It actually feels really alive in the water.

It has a magnetic charger, so if you have other Satisfyer toys, you can use the same one, and store the extra one.

I find the High Fly to be a very versatile, comfortable and pleasurable finger vibrator.

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