Best tips for your self chastity

Yes, it is locktober. So if you find excitement in being caged but you don’t have a keyholder, then… Then what can you do?

First of course you need a chastity device. Find yours here. 

The measurements are important. If the device is too big, you are losing out on feeling restricted and it is harder to line up your pee-hole to the opening. And of course the more loose your device is the easier it is to liberate yourself, and as much as you want that, you don’t want that at the same time. So disappointing. The too small device is harder to get on and it is more uncomfortable (which actually can be an advantage for some people). 

The material of the device is a whole new story on its own.
A friend of mine loves metal devices, because it gives him the feeling that his cock is so wild, that he needs a metal cage. Sissies are more into the softer plastic devices.

Click here for choosing your chastity device.
You are also going to need lube. And very probably some ice.

So you have the chastity device, you can put it on. 

You lock the padlock. 

You have the key. But you don’t have a keyholder who can control when you are going to be unlocked. And this is when it all starts to be spicy…

What can you do with the key so that you can feel powerless and under control?
Of course you can try to control yourself. But that is less “fun”. 

Start your solo chastity with smaller periods first.

And choose your key holding option.

What can you do with the key of your chastity device if you don’t have a keyholder?

Keep the key at work

The most popular option is to keep your key in your office. (If you don’t work from home.) Hence you usually watch porn and self-pleasure while you are not at work. If you are craving for a release you have to wait, hence your key is in the office. Of course this is not an option for everybody. 

Timed locked containers and boxes

You can buy time locked containers and boxes mostly in the kitchen section. Some people use them to put their mobile aside, hence anything that you put in the container is locked until the timer goes off. So you put the key in the box, set the timer up, and enjoy being in chastity. 

Mix the key with plenty of other keys together (add even more keys)

This is not as “hard-core” as the time locked containers, but requires lots of patience and trying, so maybe you calm down and change your mind about finding your key. The more keys you have in your box or container the better. And of course, you have a slight chance to get your key. Are you going to be lucky?

Dig your key deep

Never bury your key in somebody else’s territory. Don’t create a “treasure map”, just remember where your key is approximately. And the more effort it takes to get to your key back, the better it is. And of course you probably won’t start to dig in the middle of the night.

BUT be careful what you use for digging so you don't damage your key.

Close the key in a safe deposit box not close to you

The further you have to travel to unlock your key, the better. You really, really have to be motivated to drive two hours to the safety deposit box. Then you probably have to drive back home to unlock your cage. Or not.

Give the key to somebody else

Yes, I know, you don’t have a “keyholder”. But not only a keyholder can store your key for you. Of course you can have your secret about what your key is for, and ask somebody who you trust to keep your key. You probably won't call them for your key and beg for it in the middle of the night.

Do you have a tip that we didn’t mention? Share it with us to support your solo chastity fans.

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