Best ways to pleasure while you are on your period

Just because you are on your period you don’t need to deprive yourself from pleasure and orgasms. Actually orgasms can help you if you have intense cramps. It is also natural to feel more turned on while you are menstruating. So your body knows what you need to feel better. Of course it is up to you what you feel comfortable doing, and it should be your choice how far you will go.

And of course always have towels and wipes handy.

So let’s talk about your options

A vinyl sheet, extra pad or towel can be useful either if you are a free bleeder or not. Most women are a bit more sensual while they are menstruating and more sensitive to scents, sounds and texture, so what you surround yourself with matters. If you receive a massage choose a scent free massage oil. And warn your partner as well about being more sensitive, so that they can adjust a bit to your needs.

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Menstrual cups collect the blood but they allow the natural lubrication of your body to come through. If you are using tampons, add lube for your clitoral play in order to slide with ease and comfort. Hence you are more sensitive, everything that serves you comfort counts extra now.

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Soft tampons are also an option especially when you plan penetration as well. They are spongy and even though they can’t collect as much blood as a tampon, they create a barrier in front of the cervix and they still allow penetration. They are not designed to be inside for more than a couple of hours. So always take good care of yourself. If your vaginal canal is long it will be more challenging to take the sponge out (especially alone), so this is also something to consider.

Go for lighter touches

You read about the sensitivity part. This also means that you probably prefer lighter strokes during your period including only hovering your hands, when you don’t even touch the skin. You will be surprised how less feels even more to you. So experiment with less and not just over the vulva or clitoris but the breasts and heart centre as well. 

Breast massages are also really good these times, warm the massage oil up to make it feel even more pleasurable and relaxing.

When you focus on clitoral play

Of course using your hand (or your partner’s hand) with some lube is always a good option. The smooth slides of skin on skin are sensual, comforting and pleasurable at the same time.
Using downward strokes or figure eights are probably going to be your favourites.
Maybe what feels the best is actually holding your hands and going super slow or even “just” stay.

When you choose a clitoral vibrator start with the lowest setting and with the deepest vibration and not right next to your clitoris. This distance probably will feel amazing to you. Your whole vulva is full of nerve endings, and this time is even better to discover its pleasure potential. 

Try a clitoral sucker

Clitoral suckers are the new generation of female pleasure toys. They create a vacuum around the clit and are pulsating around it. I would recommend the Womanizer toys or the Satisfyer Pro 2+ or Pro 3+. These have a bit of a larger range than the ones with only a small opening, so you have more space to play with. The Satisfyer ones can also pulse and vibrate even at the same time so you can find what works for you. The app also allows you to control the intensity and the functions better and smoother, so that the toy will provide you with exactly what you want in the moment rather than something slow or a combination of sensations or intensity.

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And what about penetration?

Vaginal orgasms can help the most with cramps, so adding penetration to your play can be exactly what you need. Curved glass dildos are ideal options for several reasons. Hence they are harder and can provide you with more angles, you have more freedom around how to use them. 

Also they are the easiest to clean and sanitise, including hot water. And also you can prewarm them in a way that feels to you, so they can feel comfortable and relax your muscles.

One of the best options is the Glamour Glass Curved Big Wand. What you do is an inner massage that can help you to relax deeper. If you feel like combining clitoral play and penetration a glass dildo + a dildo can be even better than a rabbit. 

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Of course you can always put a condom over any toy, so that you can protect yourself and the toy as well.

So be especially gentle and loving with yourself while you are on your period.

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