Top 3 Christmas Gifts - For Her, Him & Couples

This is the Top 3 Christmas Gift Guide 2020.

With Gifts it needs to be presented well and have that wow factor. With sex toys gifts we also want to ensure this will be a Screaming Christmas night too so here goes.

Let’s dive straight in with the Girls first.

Top 3 Gifts - For Her

I love that none of the Top 3 Girls Gifts are too expensive - You might even be able to stretch to all of them if you really love her ;-)

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Satisfyer Pro 2+ (€59.95)

Satisfyer Pro 2+

The Satisfyer Pro 2+ is a fantastic stimulator for anyone with a clitoris. First off it is packaged beautifully so has that initial wow factor as a gift. It also is an incredible stimulator. You’ll notice I’m not using the word vibrator, that's because it does so much more. World leading Air Pulse technology creates incredible suction and targeting pulses of pleasure that need to be experienced. Coupled with a built in 10 Speed vibrator this is a pleasure machine. 

An incredible set of features and easily the match of the best Womanizer at a fraction of the price. 

Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit.(€54.95)

Silicone Thrusting Rabbit

Can’t decide - Well then just choose them all with this machine that does it all. Beautifully presented this is the ultimate all-rounder. All the main features Silicone, Rechargeable, Dual Motors etc. This vibrator has 10 speeds, 3 modes of rotation and thrusting and has a warming function to increase the vibrator up to 42°C for an incredible all round stimulation. 

If your girl has everything well she is in for a shock when she tries this out. The only problem might be getting her out of bed Christmas morning.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman XL Wand (€49.95)

Satisfyer Wand-er

Last year it was all about the Doxy and it is still an incredibly powerful (too powerful possibly) massager. The Satisfyer Wand-er XL is an amazing massager for the price. Again as with all Satisfyer it is packaged beautifully so will look great when unwrapped. It is a full-size massager wand, no half measures here. Wrapped is medical grade silicone it has a powerful flexible head with that low rumbling vibration that all the best massagers offer.

Incredibly versatile with cordless play and 50 different vibrating patterns and intensities. Rechargeable, Waterproof, Whisper Quiet backed by the Satisfyer industry leading guarantee. Even ignoring it’s stupidly low price, it’s the best in the market.

Top 3 Gifts - For Him

Men want in on the action too - Male masturbators get a bad rap and I think it’s totally wrong. A man should be able to seek pleasure and try out new things without feeling in anyway sleezy - I’ll get off my soap box now.

If you want to checkout more options take a peek at the full selection of our Best Male Toys

AutoBlow 2+XT - Blow Job Machine (€159.95)

AutoBlow 2+XT

As male masturbators go this is top of the range - it’s not cheap but you seriously get what you pay for here. This machine is not subtle or discreet it is unashamedly a  full on blow job machine. Plenty of lube then slide into the realistic silicone sleeve and switch it on. Five arms will grip your penis and stoke it as long and fast as you can handle. This is a machine that is built to last and will literally blow you away. A snap to clean with the removable sleeve this is the absolutely top of the line when it comes to male masturbation. 

Take the pressure off this Christmas and give him the gift of hands-free on demand Blow Jobs - you know you are guaranteed to have one satisfied man. 

Satisfyer Men Vibration & Heat (€49.95)

Satisfyer Men

I’m trying to not make this whole list a Satisfyer love fest but to be honest it is difficult. All their sex toys are beautifully packaged and built to last. This Satisfyer Men is the ultimate penis head massager. A totally different sensation to the normal stroker, this machine delivers targeted vibration and heat to the most sensitive parts of the penis. Charge it up, switch it on, lube up, slide into the silicone love tunnel and relax into incredible pleasure. 

It’s Satisfyer so waterproof, rechargeable, built to last and medical grade silicone. 

We love this sex toy and it looks discreet making it a great first time masturbator. I promise you he’ll love it, maybe a little too much!

Tenga - Flip Orb (€79.95)

Tenga Flip Orb

Tenga is one of the oldest and most trusted names in male masturbation sex toys. This Japanese company is known for its unique design and industry leading innovations. The Flip Orb is the latest in a long line of triumphs. 

Pure and simple this is a masturbation sleeve from the masters. Tenga has developed its own unique silky soft material and coupled it with countless sensitive grooves and nodules to become one incredible pleasure stimulation device.

Simple to clean and lube up with it’s unique flip open casing and the pressure pads on the side give you full control of the sucking and tightness.

We love this masturbator and we also like that it is as discreet and stylish as these devices come. The Tenga Flip Orb is one gift that might just take over his Christmas.

Top 3 Gifts - For Couples

Maybe you’ve agreed you are not doing presents this year so why not treat yourselves to a Couples Toy you will both love - Everyone Wins! 

If you don’t see exactly what you want checkout the full selection of our Best Couples Toys.

Fun Factory - Manta (€99.95)

Fun Factory Manta

There are a few sex toys like the Manta and they can seem very confusing - What do you do with it? This is one vibrator designed to fit. He or She can use it solo, he can use it as a stroker or penis head vibrator or balls tingler or loads more. She can use the vibrating head on nipples, clitoris, labia, anal play need I go on?

Bring it into couples play and it really shines. As an incredible cock stroker and clit stim during doggy. Stoker during blowjobs, Clit play during sex and on and on and on.

This is truly the most versatile couples toy on the market. If the price is a little steep go for the Satisfyer Endless Love same design and all-round play options for half the price.

The Fun Factory Manta is German built and designed with the last word on quality. The only problem is who gets to control the action.

Satisfyer Double Joy (€39.95)

Satisfyer Double Joy

It all started with the We Vibe - Total innovation in couples sex toys that can be worn during sex. We love them and boy have they just gotten better and better. Which of course spawned a load of mimics and now 10 years later Satisfyer dominates the market for shared vibrations. The Double Joy is aptly named as it is an absolute gem, silky silicone and super soft and flexible making it a perfect fit every time.

You can also control it from an app making it a snap to use. If you have never tried a wearable shared vibrations toy this is going to change your life. The U-Shaped vibe stimulates the clitoris and G-Spot during sex while also sending waves of vibration through his penis all while you get lost in each other.

Of course it can be used for solo play for those down days. At this price it is almost a stocking filler and it is amazing - Just get it!

Doxy Massager (€119.95)


I know I mentioned Doxy earlier and chose the Satisfyer Wand-er instead. Both are incredible but if it is a pure hungry power you are after with a brand leading name it really has to be a Doxy. This is a bit old school - mains operated and it is big. The last word in massagers, it can be used on tired muscles and for simple massage stress relieving massage wonderfully. It is powerful enough for anyone but when applied to the more sensitive areas this is a beast. Care is advised on full power this will numb you - no messing. 

Take turns having control and let your partner lie back and get lost in the pleasure the Doxy can bring. When only the biggest baddest sex toy in town will do it has to be a Doxy.

That’s It - I could go into a list of special mentions and there are loads. If one of the above is not exactly to your tastes checkout the "Best Of" categories and you will see what PlayBlue has to offer.

Enjoy and look forward to a pleasurable satisfying Christmas like never before with PlayBlue.

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