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This is the first in a series of posts looking at our favourite brands. We at PlayBlue support and believe in brands. Yellow pack generic products some retailers sell are nearly always a let down. When buying a sex toy buying own brand cheap rubbish is never a good plan as it will let you down just when you most need it.

PlayBlue are Satisfyer’s Irish Partner and we are very proud to stock their full range. Satisfyer is a German brand that seems to launch a new product every week. Known for their slick packaging, innovative design and incredible feature list they are a relatively new brand that has made a huge splash in the market.

To most people Satisfyer is German engineering applied to the Couples Vibrator and Suction Stimulators, but they are so much more, branching out into Anal Toys, Rabbits even a market leading Silicone Menstrual Cup. 

When it comes to features and options Satisfyer really is the world leader. First up is German built is something Satisfyer are proud of, so much so that they offer a lifetime (15 year) Satisfyer guarantee unheard of in the market. They also have an incredible array of App Controlled devices meaning total control and customisations are at your fingertips. 

Only using the best materials from Medical grade Silicone with nearly everything Magnetic USB rechargeable these are top of the line sex toys.

But almost most incredibly is that Satisfyer have delivered all this on a mid-range price smashing the prices competitors charge for inferior products. So let’s talk products!


Couples Vibrators

In the couples sex toy range Satisfyer have a huge range of options. This is the category that established Satisfyer as a force and the range they offer is incredible.

The budget option is Satisfyer Partner (€19.95) - A price that allows anyone to try these unique devices out. When Satisfyer launched into this market no Couples Vibrator could be had for less than €100. The Satisfyer Partner is one of the few battery operated toys Satisfyer sell but it is a great entry level device. 

The range expands to the Partner Plus (€39.95) and the Double Whale (€29.95) both rechargeable and multi-speed. A definite step up and great devices which still hardly break the bank. 

The top of the line are the Double Joy (€39.95) and Traveler (€39.95) both with all the features and play options of other branded devices which cost 4 times more!

There have been a few other couples devices like the unique Endless Fun (€49.95) and Multi Fun (€49.95) which really have to be tried and once mastered the trick will be to put them down.

Suction Stimulators

Another category Satisfyer totally transformed by redefining and innovating its way to the top is Suction Stimulators.

Entry level is the Satisfyer 1 (€19.95) - A simple battery operated suction stimulator that again offers a risk-free way to try suction devices out. Or the Satisfyer 2 (€29.95) rechargeable and stylish it lets you explore but still doesn’t leave you penniless.

Once you want to step it up the Satisfyer Pro2+Vibration (€59.95) and the Satisfyer Pro3+Vibration (€59.95) both offer a top of the range suction stimulator coupled with multi-speed vibration for an incredible machine. Simply the best on the market at a fraction of the price of some branded competitors. For the technology you are getting and guaranteed satisfaction you really struggle to fault them.

Expanding Vibrator Range

Satisfyer could have just sat back with the best in Couple Vibrators and the best in Suction Stimulators crown and relaxed but instead they have launched Vibrator after Vibrator. We now stock 15 different Satisfyer vibrators, some in varying colours. Ask me in the middle of next year and it will be upto 30 the way they are going.

Some highlights are the Satisfyer Fluttering Power Flower (€49.95) a unique fluttering tongue like sensation coupled with a powerful multispeed vibrator. The Wand-er Woman (€49.95) other brands must hate Satisfyer as rechargeable full size wands are generally in the €150 range, the Wand-er is a match for any of them at a third of the price. The Lay-on Purple Pleasure (€29.95) is the perfect beginners clitoral massager, it really just washes you with pleasure. Finally the Sweet Treat (€39.95) - A unique ice cream cone looking device that rotates to massage you to ecstasy.

Satisfyer Male

Satisfyer Male is doing to male toys what it has achieved in female toys - domination. The mantra is the same, innovate with incredible build quality at the lowest possible price.

We’ll look at a few of my favourites - First up Satisfyer obviously looked at the Fleshlight and thought we can do better than that and did at half the price. The Satisfyer Men Classic (€29.95) is a full size Fleshlight like device with added pressure plates to give you control of the pressure. If you want a masturbator it is very hard to look past it. The Satisfyer Men Vibration & Heat (€49.95) is a do everything device. Silky silicone that will heat up to body temperature and massage the head of the penis to a friction-free climax. Finally Satisfyer have launched a load of rechargeable silicone cock rings that are absolutely top of the line. I love the Royal One ($29.95) but the Power Ring (€29.95) is great too really they only vary in shape. App controllable and simple to use they are simply the best cock rings you can buy. (IMHO)

I could go on, I haven’t even mentioned half of Satisfyers wonderful products but you get the picture. In a world of own brand crap products that are cheap in every way. Buying from a brand that you can trust offers a guarantee especially at the prices we charge for Satisfyer you’d be mad to look elsewhere.

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