Sex Glossary: GGG

So, are you GGG in the bedroom? Everyone thinks that they’re good in bed, but unless you’re GGG chances are you’re not as good as you think you are. I can already hear male readers grumbling about how no one you’ve slept with has complained and that may well be true. But remember the famous Katz’s Deli Scene from When Harry Met Sally? We’re not about to dramatically fake an orgasm here on the blog (sorry, but we’ll only do that for young, bearded Billy Crystal) but if you want your partners to have what she’s having, read on.

GGG is an acronym coined by the acerbic sex-advice columnist Dan Savage in the early 2000’s and basically sums up what he believes makes a good sexual partner. GGG stands for ‘good, giving and game’. The concept is basically that a worthwhile sex partner should ‘strive to be Good in bed’, ‘Giving of equal time and equal pleasure’ and ‘Game for anything - within reason’.

While we definitely don’t agree with everything Savage has had to say over the years the concept of being GGG in bed has held true. The last G in particular has been scientifically proven to contribute to intimacy and satisfaction in the bedroom. The most interesting result of this particular study of the impact of long-term partners being ‘game for anything - within reason’ is that people aren’t more or less satisfied by their own sexual adventurousness in a long term relationship, but by their partner’s. Put simply, we like it when our partners are open to getting freaky.

It’s straightforward enough really. When you’re happy to have an open mind and try different things in the bedroom it makes your partner feel understood and valued which in turn leads to higher levels of openness, trust and ultimately more sexual satisfaction for both of you. We see no negatives!

So how can you be more GGG? How about asking your partner what they’d like to do and giving it a go? Being game for anything isn’t just about trying stuff - it’s about wanting to take the time to do it to the best of your ability. That aside, foreplay is one highly underutilised way to improve your sex game drastically - if you’re someone who tends to skip straight to the action, STOP. Take the time to warm up the oven before you start cooking, so to speak, and already you’re ticking the ‘good’ off the three G’s. If you’re also looking to be more giving, how about spending less time receiving pleasure and more time giving it? Put the focus on your partner for a change and for the love of god fellas if you’re not already: Eat! Her! Out! Also not to toot our own horn here, but using PlayBlue blogs and toys as a resource can’t hurt either. Toot, toot.

That’s just a start to becoming more GGG. There are so many other ways you can work on being a good, giving and game partner - why not see how many you can discover? Your partner will thank you!   

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