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Update 29th March 2024 - Maybe we do too good a job but as we are hardly getting any online chats anymore we have decided to close our Online Chat option.

I remember being absolutely astonished the first time I came across (really need to stop using that turn of phrase in this business) a live online chat. I had to call over a colleague to watch in disbelief and we were both programmers working in the business. 

Well now it’s everywhere and the wonder has diminished somewhat but it really is still something that still has the sparkle of magic to me. There are a few out there that try to use AI to answer questions but in my experience these become annoying very quickly. Then you have the option which most of the large companies use to outsource the support staff. This can also be very frustrating as you know they are answering 10 chats at the same time with long delays between answers. Then they never bother to read what you type just spew out canned responses to the majority of questions. 

Live Chat PlayBlue

Finally you see it done the PlayBlue way. We operate our chat during shop hours so 10am to 7pm most days. You are chatting to a staff member who works selling and talking about sex toys all day long. They know what they are talking about. They also have full access to all order data so all order related queries are answered too. The goal of our PlayBlue chat is to make instant questions and support easy to ask and answer. This is great for you as you can just ask and get an instant answer and great for us as it actually reduces our support load with much less calls and emails and of course happy customers. 

Manning our online chat takes staff, training, money and design but is something we love because it gives us that one on one connection with customers that is very hard to get when you have thousands accessing your website daily. It is very easy to just play the numbers and forget that every order is a person who has made the decision to trust PlayBlue to deliver a little intimate bundle of joy quickly and discreetly. Our chat lets our customers during browsing ask help and advice and gives us the opportunity to help our customers get the best sex toys. 

To use our online chat just click on the widget in the bottom right hand corner of every page on our website, including this one. It will popup a chat dialog where you can ask questions and during shop hours get a live person responding to you in seconds. Outside of shop hours and the odd time staff are busy it will ask for an email address so we can respond offline.

You can ask for help choosing sex toys, help tracking an order, questions about our shops, questions about returns just about anything. Just treat it as if you are talking to a well trained PlayBlue staff member, which is actually exactly what you are doing. It is super discreet as you don’t have to even talk to anyone. Click on it now below and try it out.

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