Our Best Selling Dildos

One brand dominates our dildo sales and that is SilexD. Our top 3 best selling dildos are all SilexD. It has been a PlayBlue favourite brand since we launched it on our website over 4 years ago. 

SilexD offers something a little different with its unique memory silicone which can be molded while being temperature active. In effect this means using warm or cold water it can hold a temperature and while warm can be easily molded and when cold becomes much more rigid. They also have that memory foam-like ability to hold a shape which makes them incredible to use as they adapt really well to everyone's unique body contours.

We love the brand so much we actually deal directly with the manufacturer to ensure we can get the quantities we need while at the same time guaranteeing quality and price.

Our best selling by far is the SilexD 7” Dual Density with Suction Cup, it almost out-sells every other dildo we sell by a factor of 2. First off it has all the standard SilexD benefits as listed above. It also is really lifelike and has a powerful suction cup too making it harness compatible and a hold-fast base for secure play options.

This 7” is also dual density meaning it has a solid inner core wrapped in the Silexpan material giving a really lifelike feel. Personally I also think the reason it sells so well is it hits the perfect sweet spot when it comes to size. 7” is plenty big for most people and is way above the average penis size. But at the same time will intimidate hardly anyone. Finally of course to be selling this for less than twenty euro (as of April 2023) is also a little crazy. We are actually selling it for less than when we launched with it in February 2019 when we were selling it for €24.95, take that inflation.

SilexD - 7"

Our second best selling dildo is also a SilexD and is really a vibrator pretending to be a dildo. I think it is absolutely magic. The SilexD - Dual Density Memory Silicone Vibrating is an 8” version of the SilexD realistic suction cup, dual density etc but it also is rechargeable and has a really powerful vibration feature that is really quiet and discreet. Realistic dildos that vibrate are actually quite rare nowadays and to have a rechargeable one in our best dildo brand is brilliant. The cherry on top is we are selling it for less than €40 (as of April 2023). 

SilexD Vibration

Even though we only sell 7 SilexD dildos they command almost 20% of dildo sales and we at PlayBlue are huge fans and once you try one I guarantee you’ll be sold too.

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